14 mai 2008

Statui PD-L

Pe soclul machetei statuii lui Carol I, expusa acum in Piata Palatului,(singurul proiect cu care declara Videanu pe site-ul lui ca se mandreste, desi are o acuzatie de plagiat) exista un afis care anunta proiectele Primariei pentru monumente din Bucuresti. Dintre ele, Monumentul Fondatorilor UE din Insula Trandafirilor, este deja realizat si arata sinistru. Mai multi oameni de arta s-au exprimat in acest sens. De asemenea se poate observa ca sculptorul I.Bolborea, nominalizat la doua monumente, este autorul deja existentului Monument al Infanteriei din parcul Kiseleff, din piateta de dupa Institutul Geologic - o creatie de asemenea declarata nereusita de catre oamenii de arta.
Mafia PD-L a gasit o noua cale sa suga bani si au dat proiectele clientelei politice spre realizare. Juriul a fost alcatuit din politicieni si nu din oameni de cultura, si, desi sunt proiecte cu costuri ridicate, nici prin cap nu le-a trecut ca ar putea macar sa se consulte cu OAR, UAR si UAP. In ceea ce priveste consultarea populatiei, nu s-au obosit sa o faca nici macar asa, de ochii lumii. Prin urmare, sa nu ne miram daca vom vedea plimbandu-ne pe strazi tot felul de kitsch-uri sau ciudatenii care nu ne reprezinta.

Update 1: In legatura cu scandalul Statuia Carol I:
" To the attn. of Mrs. Alexandra Olivotto , Chief department Culture , Cotidianul. Monday, May 12, 2008
Dear Mrs. Olivotto,
Thank you for the prompt reaction to my email and your article Carol I, acuzat de plagiat of 08 Mai 2008
I understand that for the media is not an easy job to present everybody's point of a view . My husband had even deeper sympathy for the difficulties you face in your daily work since he was your colleague ( he was a Contributing Editor of ”TIME” magazine in the USA ).
I am standing behind all written in my previous letter to you . Nobody can claim that there were any negotiation with the heirs that jointly hold the copyright of all Mestrovici art till 2032...Since we received only one letter from the Ministry of Culture from Secretary of State Virgil Stefan Nitulescu in August 2006 to which we immediately responded and since then we never heard from the Ministry of Culture. Nobody ever contacted us later from the Romanian Embassy here or from the Romanian Ministry of Culture - no phone calls, no faxes, no emails , nothing ! So we concluded that a Romanian sculptor will create a totally new equestrian statue. If you are interested I can fax you the single letter that we ever got from Mr.Nitulescu .
The approx. 3 m. high plasters of HM Carol I and HM Ferdinand ( even higher and more expressive) are still kept in the Zagreb Gliptoteka in perfect shape . The delegation of the Romanian Ministry of culture came to see them in 2005 and nobody from the heirs was even invited to be present at this vent according to the protocol and the bon ton ... We were never contacted by the Mayor of Bucharest who commissioned the statue to Mr. Codre . We do not insist of restoring the destroyed Mestrovic statues, but we do not agree his art to be plagiarized, deformed or abused . Let Mr. Codre make a dozen of Carol I statues ( as the one just unveiled in Calarasi) if he wants and desires , but let it be clear that his creations have nothing to do with Ivan Mestrovic. I am attaching Florin Codre's impersonal email addressed to me (10/05/08) and my answer , which will give more information and clear the subject even more.
My best regards , Rumiana Mestrovic

Dear Mrs. Olivotto,
Thank you again for your article Carol I, acuzat de plagiat of 08 Mai 2008
http://www.cotidian ul.ro/carol_ i_acuzat_ de_plagiat- 45386.html .
Meanwhile we managed to translate into English the article and the readers comments . Now it is clearer to us what was stated in the text.
There are a number of claims that are not true , even some are slanders . We are using our right to react and we hope that you will publish our response in your paper, as is the practice in any civilized society.
What bothers us the most is that the names of the Romanian Kings Carol I and Ferdinand and the one of Ivan Mestrovic are the real victims of somebody's lies and manipulations. By this point we don't know who is to be blamed ...
Let Mr. Mihai Oroveanu who came to Zagreb in 2006 prove his claims with documents or any other proofs ! Let Mr. Oroveanu explain why hi or any body from the delegation did not do anything to see or talk or communicate in any way at least with Prof. Dr. Matthew Mestrovic, the only Ivan Mestrovic's heir who was in Zagreb during the visit of Mr. Oroveanu ? Isn't it absurd if really Mr. Oroveanu wanted something to be achieved ? At this point Mr. Oroveanu and the Romanian MCC had the official information from the Ivan Mestrovic Foundation ( Mestrovic Museums) who are the four Mestrovic heirs, that they jointly hold the copyright , while the original plasters of the two equestrian statues of HM Carol I and HM Ferdinand kept in Gliptoteka are private property ( one of Matthew , one of Stjepan Mestrovic ) . The Mestrovic heirs heard about this visit much late and from unofficial source negotiations. Why the Romanian side is excusing them self with the Croatian state officials if the statues in question are not state property nor the copyright belong to the Croatian state?
How can anyone claim that "the Mestrovic family would have asked for 4 million Euros author's rights" or that "the cost is no object... the difficulties came from one (sic) of the four heirs who does not wish to part with the copyright" and "that the Romanian state did everything to purchase the copyright".. . Mr. Oroveanu went as far as saying that the Croatian government offered to pay the copyright to the Mestrovic family for the cast to be made and sent to Bucharest. This way he is accusing the Croatian government of playing unfair or double game. Mr. Oroveanu actually is accusing the Croatian Ministry of Culture for giving wrong information to the Romanian side or hiding from the heirs the negotiations that have been held behind the back of Mestrovic's heirs ? Where are the proofs ? Let Mr. Oroveanu or Mr. Virgil Stefan Nitulescu or any Romanian official show to us or to you papers on which are based all these invented claims. It is an attempt to manipulate the Romanian society by the allegation that we , the heirs or one of us, caused the collapse of the project and that the Croatian or Romanian officials made any specific proposal to the heirs !
There is an awful lot of confusion based on false statements It's a shame and someone is just washing off his hands...
Our point is that we do not imposes the restoring of the destroyed Mestrovic statues, but it is unacceptable his art to be plagiarized, deformed or abused . Let the abstractionist Mr. Codre make a dozen of Carol I statues, if he wants and if the Romanian officials are eager to pay him from the taxpayer pockets , but let it be clear that his creations have nothing to do with the figurative sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. It is ridiculous that Mr. Florin defends himself from the accusations of plagiarism by stating that all the equestrian statues in the world look similar and that's why they can all be proclaimed a plagiarism.. .Sapienti sat ! Let him consult any lawyer specialized in copyright .
We hope that the most important is that the truth will come out and that the democratic Romanian state will give back to your people the real values and perspectives , lost under the Communism . The history and the culture of one nation , of one state define the future prosperity and we are deeply convinced that the Romanian people will succeed in this.
Sincerely ,
Matthew Mestrovic
Rumiana Mestrovic

Update 2:

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